docsly uses a project to group your comments and feedback for each documentation website allowing you to manage them separately. If your team has multiple documentation websites, you'll need to create a project for each of them.

For example, if we consider Vercel, they'll need three projects one for each nextjs (opens in a new tab), swr (opens in a new tab), and turborepo (opens in a new tab) etc.

Development project

A development project is created automatically when you sign up. This project should be used to test the integration of @docsly/react in your website. It's not associated with a documentation website and must only be used locally.

Project configurations


The name of the project is used to identify it in your dashboard. You can update the name at any time from the dashboard.


Each project must be given a unique host to identify the documentation website it's associated with. The host is the domain name of the documentation website you want to integrate with @docsly/react. For example, if you want to integrate, the host is

You can update the host at any time from the dashboard.

Multi-host projects are only supported in the Team and Business plans.

Public ID

The public ID is autogenerated and used to identify the project when integrating @docsly/react in your website.


The visibility of the project determines who can access the project's comments and feedback. By default, every project has visibility set to off.

You can change the visibility a project at any time from the Dashboard > Customization.

offThe project is not visible to anyone.
privateEveryone leave a comment or feedback but only you can view them.
publicEveryone can view comment threads, and leave a comment or feedback.
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