A comment contains the textual feedback left by a user, along with some metadata such as the user's name, avatar, and date.


Comments are only shown on the website when the project visibility is public or to your team members if the project visibility is private. To learn more about project visibility, see project.

Every comment is moderated by an AI model trained to filter out spam and offensive content. Only the comments that pass the filter are visible to the users.

You'll see all comments on your project dashboard and can also change the visibility of each comment.

moderatedMarked inappropriate by the AI model.
visibleVisible on the website.
resolvedMarked resolved from the dashboard, not visible on the website.
hiddenMarked hidden using the dashboard, not visible on the website.

Thread replies

Thread replies are comments that are replies to other comments. For public projects, thread replies enable a healthy discussion on your website. You can reply to the comment thread on the website by clicking on the comment avatar.

You'll see all replies to a comment on your project dashboard by clicking an individual comment card's reply icon.

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