docsly is a user feedback tool crafted for your documentation. It allows you to collect user feedback and integrate it into your documentation. It's a great way to build a collaborative community and improve your documentation by working on the feedback and making it more useful for your users.

docsly has two core parts:


Working as a tech writer, we realized that there's a huge gap between the documentation and the users. After researching, we found that most feedback is collected through emails, or customer representatives, which isn't a scalable solution. Most existing tools are too complex or require too much monitoring for a documentation website.

We wanted to build a tool that would allow us to collect user feedback and integrate it into our documentation while keeping the website's core UX intact.

After talking to many tech writers, developer advocates, and founders, we got a clear picture of what's required. That's when the idea to build docsly originated—a tool crafted specially to collect actionable user feedback on your documentation and enable community-first teams to allow discussions on their documentation website while providing the best UX and DX.

Open Source Software

docsly isn't an Open Source Software, but it may become one. We appreciate the contribution of OSS in docsly's development, and as a gesture of appreciation, we offer up to 100% discount on our plans for open source projects. You can apply for your discount using this form (opens in a new tab).


Although the idea to make a feedback tool for documentation originated in our mind, while researching for the perfect UX, we referred to some of our favorite tools and platforms for inspiration:

We admire Vercel's DX, and here's a fun fact: docsly is powered by Vercel & Next.js.

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